Full Swing Spring


Planting season continues! All the seeds are now sown. I’ve been tending them daily and waiting patiently. So far all the winter squash has popped up, some herbs, many of the marigolds have come up, sweet corn, Romano beans, cabbage, and one tomato plant. I also acquired a dwarf thornless raspberry plant!

Raspberry Shortcake Dwarf Plant

Kathy the Langshan recently had a trip to the vets and was given a clean bill of health albeit she’s a bit clumsy in her old age. I have separated Kathy and fat miss Puff from the main laying flock because of their old age and timid nature. They now live behind the main coop with their own space and crate for nesting and roosting. They are much happier now that they aren’t being constantly bullied by the more tenacious breeds of hens in the main flock and Puff has even started to lay eggs again.

The most recent garden project is making planters out of old wine barrels that needed a bit of refurbishing for use with the eventual asparagus plants, potatoes and raspberry bush among other crops. To refurbish them metal barrel hoops had to be tapped into place and screwed on and the interior of the barrels had to be soaked with water to get the wood to swell again to tightly fit the barrel hoops. I then cut them in half and drilled drainage holes and have begun painting all of them. I will be stenciling pretty patterns on the planters to give them a little extra flare. I’m considering selling a couple so when the finished product is out and you like what you see contact me about purchasing.

Lastly for today- a coworker of mine is German and her and her family blow eggs every year for Easter and decorate them- I had sold her a dozen eggs a couple weeks back and she gave me one of my ameraucana eggs back blown and decorated! It was a lovely surprise and very thoughtful of her- it turned out beautifully and now hangs in the dining room!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!




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